Organized-Beauty.com entered the blogger sphere on December 11, 2009 and started out with its primary focus/objective being a platform for me to blog about beauty products that I'd tried as a darker woman of color. I wanted to save others the hassle and headache of buying a bunch of products that didn't live up to their hype! 

Our lives are so multifaceted that it made no sense that I was trying to focus on one area of my life.  Beauty products, fashion, etc. are all great, but they are not my life! I wanted to share my love of thrifting, interior decorating, fitness, and whatever else floats my boat. With there being so many blogs out here now, I simply wanted a place to be me! This blog is all over the place sometimes, just as I am! It is the place where I come to share some of who I am and hopefully, there's something you can gain as well!   


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