Microneedling or Microderm Needling and Dark Skin

So, I decided to give this little contraption a try.  I started out with the .25mm needle and moved on up to the 1.0mm needle a few weeks later.

The .25mm needle was amazing. It was quite uncomfortable the first time I used it, but on the second run, I actually somewhat enjoyed it! The picture below was taken immediately after using the .25mm needle.  Who knew a brown-skinned beauty could turn this red!

Once my face calmed down and wasn't so irritated, I applied some really great Argan Oil and let me tell you! My face was baby bottom soft! Seriously! The next day I went to work and made my co-worker rub my face because I couldn't believe how soft it was. I used it again a few days later with similar results. The roller is an amazing exfoliator! I did have some peeling, but I wasn't bothered by it since the Retinol I use causes my face to peel as well. Absolutely amazing results!

Fast forward to a few weeks later and I decided to purchase the 1.0mm needled roller.  It felt no worse than the .25 needle! I was expecting the worse, but was pleasantly left disappointed.

So..here we are a week and a half after using the 1.0mm needle and we have a problem. Le sigh. My face does not look amazing like it looked not too long ago.  It looks like I am now dealing with Postinflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH).  For us people of color, when there is trauma to the skin (the needles can puncture the epidermis and/or dermis), our bodies send melanin to the location which causes these dark spots.  The purpose of microneedling is to increase the production of collagen.  However, in us sometimes darker folks, it comes with some good ole PIH. Oh joy!

I'm hoping that it's temporary and will fade quickly. However, I will be using my Retin-A every night to speed up the process.

I will probably use the .25mm needle again since it doesn't penetrate like the 1.0mm does.  It really did help with product absorption and serves as a great exfoliator.  However, I'm going to wait a bit before I pick up the needles again!


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