Protective Styles: Crochet Braids with Harlem 125 Durban Twist

My love for crochet braids continues. After using the Naffy Braid for awhile, I ventured out and tried Harlem 125 Durban Twist and loved the results. The hair can either be worn straight out of the pack or separated to make it bigger and longer. I must say that this hair is HUGE especially if you don't set it with hot water. I normally would come home, braid it in about 8 large braids or so and then dip them in hot water. The curl held pretty much for the duration of the six weeks or so that I wore the hair. Sometimes I would also flat iron it and just wear it straight. The only downfall of doing this is that the hair becomes very corse and hard to manipulate.

I will say that this hair has a true curl pattern while the Naffy Braid did not. You could really get away with not setting it if you want it to remain large. Below are some pictures with the Harlem 125 Durban Twist hair.


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