Field Trip!!!! Duke Chapel

June 11, 2013:

Although I am a native to Durham, I have only been inside Duke Chapel twice in my life.  Once was during a field trip in middle school and the other time was for a funeral. The staff in the building that I work in decided to take a little field trip to the chapel last week to climb the tower. Although the aerial views of Durham were amazing, I think I was most in awe of the Chapel's 77 stained-glass windows that depict biblical characters and stories. Each window told a different story.  I will definitely be going back to take a closer look.  We learned that there is a man out of Virginia that cleans the windows.  He takes down one section at a time, takes the window apart, cleans each piece, and then puts them back together.  Each window takes around eight months to complete.  I think we can say that his job is secure!

The Nave

Memorial Chapel

My extra-bubbly co-worker and sidekick Miranda


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