Falling Apart in One Piece...by Stacy Morrison

A few weeks ago, I was in the Dollar Store in the book section and picked up one called, Falling Apart in One Piece.  Honestly, I purchased the book because her name is Stacy (spelled the same as mine) and because the subject matter intrigued me.  She explores the challenges, guilt, and the difficulties of trying to keep it all together at the same time that things are falling completely apart.  Her husband of ten years announces he wants a divorce, she has a brand new house that is falling apart, a new challenging career, oh and a new baby!

Although I have never been married or divorced, I could still relate to so many of her emotions, obsessions, questions and conclusions.  When I picked up the book, I had no idea what changes I was about to face in the upcoming weeks.  I won't go into detail, but several events took place in my life that have changed the course of my direction and my focus.  I've had to accept that we have to let go of things that are no longer meant for us, and we have to keep moving in the direction of our dreams and our purpose.  There are going to be days that are going to be a challenge to get through.  You're going to feel guilt, emptiness, sadness, anger and disappointment, but those are all a part of life.  After the bad has to come some good, and after some good has to come some bad.  It's the way the universe works.  What I remember most about the book is that grief is not a mountain to be climbed.  You can't feel that you're going to be able to completely walk away from grief, looking at it as a challenge to be conquered, like you would climbing a mountain and making it to the top.  You're not going to get to the top of that mountain feeling accomplished and free, and you don't come back down that mountain with all problems solved and all grief and pain dissolved.  Instead, grief is more like a river.  Some days it's calm and you simply go with the flow of the water.  However, at any moment, a little wind can blow or a storm can be looming that changes that calm.  All of a sudden, that same river that was just calm and peaceful becomes a threat to your safety and security, threatening to drown you.  So much of life is like this, whether it's grief, sadness, contentment, or whatever. We can control many aspects of our lives based on the choices that we make, both good and bad, but it's the aspects we can't control that always leave that uncertainty and that threat to our security. However, it's all a part of that river.  You can either try to fight like hell against it, constantly worrying about what could be looming, or just live each day the best that you can, taking time to be thankful for all of your blessings, whether big or small.  Sometimes, just a beautiful day with Carolina Blue skies is enough!


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