The Importance of Eating Healthy...and a Little Working Out

I don't consider myself to be a dummy or lack common sense (okay sometimes), but I could never quite grasp the need to eat healthy and workout.  My eating habits have never been the best, but I felt like if I worked out hard (and I certainly do) and didn't eat too bad, I would still see progress.  WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!

In a strange way, Instagram has been such an eyeopener for me.  I look at people's before's and after's and their workout regimens and eating habits and it struck me--duh, you can't eat bad, work out, but expect to see miraculous results.  Doesn't work that way! What I've found myself doing is following users who are into fitness and clean eating.  It has really helped motivate me to make my way to the gym even when I don't feel like it, to accept that miracles will not happen overnight, and to find some good recipes! I don't have to eat salad and bland chicken breasts every day!  Some of my favs to follow are: karolinaterese, fitkaramel, instagramfitness, kmaecags, mankofit, mi_ko, nikkinac, nikkkki3, rennhearts, soulcialite and fitspiration_girl

I've always liked the gym, so working out isn't a task to me (only when Big Bang Theory is on and I don't want to get off the couch).  In fact, I look forward to it.  I get to clear my mind (and sometimes figure things out), work hard, feel accomplished, and know that the payoff to my health is going to be great!  I usually workout six days a week, five if my life is just out of control. My weekly workouts consist of: Power Yoga (75 mins), PiYo (60 mins), Yin Yoga (60 mins),  traditional Yoga or Pilates (90 mins), boot camp at least once over the weekend (60 mins), occasional Bikram Yoga class, strength training two times a week (75 mins), a date with the Stair Master once a week (20-30 mins depending), Eliptical or treadmill if I need some added cardio (20 mins), and relaxation in the sauna afterwards maybe twice a week (don't count the minutes. Get out when I've had enough). 

I will say that this clean/healthy eating is a little heavy on the pockets! lol.  I don't buy large amounts of food at one time because it'll sit in the refrigerator and I won't eat it because I don't know what to do with it.  For the past two weeks, I've purchased enough food to last me about three or four days and then go back to the store.  I go in the store with my menu in hand so I buy exactly what I need because I  have planned my meals for the next few days.  It makes all the difference!  Going to the store this often and buying fresh, clean and healthy ingredients is bit more expensive, but it's worth it! 

So, when I go shopping today, I will purchase:

*fresh pineapple
*apples (maybe)
*ground turkey breasts
*green onions and regular onions
*lettuce (head and shredded)
*kidney beans
*canned salmon
*wild brown rice
*pita bread
*fat free cheeses

The menu for the next few days is:

*Homemade pizza on pita bread with fat free cheese, tomatoes, basil, pico, salmon
*Salad with chicken sausage (from Trader Joe's) sauteed in mushrooms with black beans, pico, rice, and a little cheese
*Scrambled eggs with salmon, mushrooms, pico, onions and peppers
*Chili prepared in crock pot with chicken breasts (will shred), kidney beans, black beans, onion, a little corn, tomatoes, spinach (can be scooped over lettuce for a salad as well)
and MAYBE homemade nachos with turkey breasts, bell peppers, green onions and cheese

Of course I have my cheat meals/snacks! I have sushi and  TBCY once a week, white cheddar popcorn, and a little candy sometimes, but I've gotten a whole lot better:-)


  1. You have really good pointers thank you so much!!


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