The Power of Apple Cider Vinegar

I won't go long on this one because there's already so much information online about the power of organic apple cider vinegar, especially the Bragg's label.  I've always had borderline high blood pressure.  Last year, one of my co-workers told me that she drinks about a tablespoon every morning and it helped her numbers lower.  So, I gave it a try.  I drank about two tablespoons in the mornings for a little over a month before my annual checkup. Guess what...why numbers were normal.  No joke. I also just felt better and had a lot more energy!

I stopped taking it for awhile because it will lower your potassium numbers and I feel like the acidic level of it can't be good for your enamel after awhile.  However, I'm back on it now to help with lowering my blood pressure, losing weight, keeping me regular, giving me a boost of energy and hopefully keep my acne away! Instead of drinking it every day, I'll shift to every other day for the long term.


  1. And here's another tip ha, spray it onto surfaces you don't want your rabbit to chew! Such a versatile product :p

    Lea x

  2. So stylish! follow each other sweetie?:X

  3. I almost always have vinegar in my kitchen. I use it a lot. It helps with your health and it's a good way to keep your environment clean too, without relying on harmful chemicals. Just drink it quickly and rinse your mouth with a cup of plain water after.


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