Kitchen Sink Soup II

I'm at it again this week.  However, I did switch it up just a little bit!


2 bags frozen collard greens
1/2 carton vegetable stock
1 link turkey sausage
3 links Trader Joe's chicken sausage
1 can kidney beans
1 carton mushrooms
1 can diced tomatoes
red pepper flakes
garlic salt


Saute mushrooms and onion in olive oil
Add garlic salt and red pepper flakes
Add vegetable stock and let simmer for a few minutes
Add canned tomatoes and let simmer
Add collard greens. Let cook for 12 minutes
Add meats
Add beans
Let simmer until greens are tender but meat is not overdone

I decided not to add the salmon this time.  I like this soup better than the last one and I think it's because of the stock.  Veggie is definitely the way to go.  Also, I only used half the carton because an entire one makes way too much soup for me.  I'm only one person. Geez.


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