'Watch The Throne' Greensboro, NC Recap

Sun., Oct. 30, 9:17pm: RT @MsWhite: All of these folks are literally just watching the throne right now huh?! Lol...the irony in that is amazing.

The show was to start at 7:30! I understand they didn't have an opening act, but having people wait two hours is not only utterly ridiculous, it's inconsiderate.  I was hype when they came out, but not as hype as I would have been if they were, say, an hour late.  Honestly, the bitter taste never left my mouth.

So, here's my brief rundown:

*Loved that before the show, they played all of the original songs they've sampled from
*The opening was hot! Loved the two stages and the shark tanks
*Kanye's energy and passion for performing is...mind blowing
*They performed pretty much the entire Watch The Throne album, minus a couple
*Kanye's clearly heartbroken.  He made me want to break out 808s & Heartbreak.  Somebody give that man a hug.
*"New Day" was one of my fav performances
*Watching Beyonce jump out her seat and rock to "Ni**as in Paris," baby bump and all!
*Jay's "Public Service Announcement" was another fav! It will always remind me of the show at Madison Square Garden before he "retired" and they way the crowd erupted!
*Was hoping for a few more off Reasonable Doubt
*The images on screen during "Made in America" and "No Church In The Wild" were thought-provoking

Overall, the show was amazing. I honestly would see it again because I wasn't feeling so good after an hour in, so I'm sure I would have enjoyed it even more if I wasn't a bit under the weather.  The energy from the crowd was amazing and I always wonder how they feel looking out at that many people reciting their lyrics, not missing a word.


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