How To Get Rid of Redness, Acne & Melasma: Before and After Pictures

These three products have changed my skin game! Went to the dermatologist in June about melasma and acne.  I had acne scars, darkening around the forehead, which actually looked quite red.  And as many African American women, the area around my mouth is darker.  My main concern was my acne and my forehead.  I'm also aware that it will always be a bit of a battle because of my birth control which has a lot to do with the melasma.  He prescribed the products below and they are wonderrfullll! I just recently started using the Ambi fade cream in conjunction with the other two and it has made all the difference.  However, I was directed to only use it for a short duration.
The Adapalene is a retinol, so it's used at night with the Ambi, and I use the Aczone (for acne) and Ambi in the morning before I apply my sunscreen.  The Ambi has sunscreen in it as well!

L to R: generic version of Differin Gel, Ambi Fade Cream, Aczone

March 2011

July 2011


  1. Your skin is PERFECT!

  2. amazing results, but your skin looks great to begin with - hardly even notice any discoloration! Funny how we only see the flaws in our own faces.

  3. Retinol has a good effect on the skin


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