Chandni's Spa and Salon: Best Eyebrow Threading & Brazilian Waxing in the Triangle  That's all there is to say.  Chandni's Spa and Salon is located in Cary, NC  in the Chatham Square shopping center.  I've been getting my eyebrows threaded there for awhile by a lady named Seema who is great.  She has managed to even out my brows and I love her because she never takes too much off.  About two months ago, I had my first Brazilian Wax done there by a lady named Ashley.  Ladies, she is nothing short of amazing.  We all know waxing is not the most pleasant experience and never will be.  However, she makes it bearable and not all that painful.  She takes her time, is extremely friendly and just helps you feel relaxed.  I don't know how she manages to make it so it doesn't hurt as bad, but she does.  I've been to other spas in the area and had the WORST waxing experiences (which is why I started doing it myself), but I will go to Ashley from now on.  Is it a female-only salon, so no need to feel uncomfortable.  I highly recommend anyone in the area to give them a try.  Their website is:


  1. Gonna try this place tomorrow! I grew my eyebrows out just to get it PROPERLY threaded, so hopefully they do not mess up@@@!!!!

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