Review: Sally Hansen Salon Effects - Laced Up

So....many bloggers seem to be raving about this product, while I'm still on the fence!

  • Variety of polish strips to choose from
  • No dry time
  • If the strips were too small, could combine them to fit
  • All tools included
  • Doesn't have a strong smell
  • Long lasting (kinda)
  • Need more of the larger size strips
  • Have to rub really good to make sure they adhere
  • Didn't adhere as well as I would have like
  • Only lasted a couple of days for me
Verdict:  I will probably try them again because the potential to be great is definitely there, so maybe I'll just be a bit more patient the next time I put them on.


  1. i think im going to get this very pretty!

  2. They look really pretty! :)

  3. The color and pattern really suits you so def. try it again! - patience is a virtue (hate when others say that to me but it's true ha!) Likin' your blog, following you, wanna pop over and follow me too??



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