ModelModel Glance CocktailWig: Tropical Spice, Color 1B/27

It's wig season again!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, I ventured from my usual Berrytini wig to this curly, natural looking one named "Tropical Spice." Love, love, love her (and so do the people who've seen me with it on today).  I am a fan of big hair -- not Diana Ross big, but Beyonce's currently big or Tianna Taylor! Big and natural.  Since my natural hair is far from big or even long at this point seeing I pretty cut most of it off between the months of October and April, this will have to do.  It's not as shinny as the other longer-styled synthetic wigs, thank goodness (no baby powder or dry shampoo needed) and it's soft, thick and nicely layered.

I'll do a follow up after I wear it for a few weeks and work out in it.


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