Zenni Optical Prescription Glasses-$20.90!!!

My friend Jay told me about Zenni Optical at least a year ago.  Really great glasses for cheap prices.  I finally broke down and gave them a shot and let me tell you, I am one happy camper!  All I had to do was provide my prescription information.  I like how you can "try" the glasses on with the various face models they provide.  It's really nice so you'll have some idea of what they'll look like on your face (they have heart shaped faces, round, etc.)  You can search by frame sizes, color, material, etc.  

The entire order came to $20.90, including shipping (glasses $15.95, shipping and handling $4.95).  You can also track the progress of your order, which was nice.

I highly recommend you check out www.zennioptical.com


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