I Got My Nose Pierced

 No words necessary really.  Been thinking about it for awhile, so I did it a few weeks ago  Didn't hurt too much.  More like a pinch.  However, afterwards, it burned for a bit and from my nose up to my eye hurt--kinda like a bad headache.  After about 5 hours or so, it went away.  Cleaning it may be a bit of a pain. Ugh.  Other than that, I'm pleased.  I was worried that my nose was a bit too wide, but I was wrong:-)

UPDATE: Okay, so the guy who pierced it didn't pierce it all the way through.  I have no idea how that even happens.  Anyway, I had to go back and another guy had to poke me again with the needle.  Definitely not as bad as the first time, but still a pain.


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