ZX Fitness: Three-Day-A-Week Boot Camp Class

This was my first full week of going to this boot camp class offered at my gym (where I thought about cancelling my membership for a gym closer to my house, but wisely decided against it).  It's Tuesday-Thursday for an hour each evening.  Now, I'm no fan of group classes mostly because I am the most uncoordinated person I know. I avoid aerobics classes, anything involving step or dance. However, this one is a little different:-)

They used to offer another boot camp class with a different instructor that I went to for awhile, but there was a lot of step aerobics and routines involved, and I just couldn't follow.

The class offered now, which is taught by a gentleman named Corey, is more my style and more of what I like to do when I want a good, hard workout.  It's a combination of strength training and cardio, which are my favs!  Each night is a little different. For example, this Tuesday, we did a lot of work with barbells, some lower body work, etc. Wednesday, we did a body resistance class (which kicked my butt by the way), and Thursday, we did kick boxing moves and upper body work.  Let me just say that I LOVE IT! I like knowing that I had a tough workout and will feel it everywhere in my body the next day!  I love not knowing what we're going to do every night, the struggle to complete every challenge and just the sheer exhaustion, yet elation after each session.  I also think I secretly get a kick out of seeing the men in the class struggle right along with us women!

This is the type of class that will keep you from needing to pay extra for a personal trainer.  And Corey comes by to make sure you have proper form, so it really is like having a personal trainer.  If you work out on the off days and eat decent, I can only imagine the amazing results! The only thing I don't like is that it meets for three consecutive days. I don't know if that's so good on the body because it's not getting the proper recovery time.


  1. I love boot camp style workouts. I agree it's probably not good to do 3 tough workouts back to back. I normally prefer to do light workouts in between the tough ones to balance it out.

    It's awesome you have classes that kick your butt!


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