No Makeup, No Lashes

So, it started off as just me planning to do a "lash diet."  Then it turned into a semi no-makeup diet.  When I say makeup, I mean face products (i.e., blush, bronzer, foundation/tinted moisturizer, mascara).  I can't walk around with my lips looking a mess, so lip gloss is a must with a hint of color.  It's amazing how quickly we grow "additions" to material things. I looooovvee my lashes, and since I do them on the side, I try to make sure I always have them done so people can see my work.  There's nothing worse than a person walking up to you that hands you their business card claiming they're a beautician and their head looks worse than yours.  The same thing applies to people who sale makeup, skin care products, etc.  Don't think you're going to sale me anything and you're looking the way you look.  You are not representing your brand or your product.  I need to see it to believe it!  And if you don't represent, I want to see pictures or work proving that you can.  For example, makeup artist Pat McGrath does some of the most amazing work, but doesn't wear makeup.  However, her work speaks for itself and she doesn't have to.

I digress.  So, I've been "free" since Saturday, and honestly, I feel pretty good.  The moisture balance in my skin is a little different because it's used to having a few more "layers," but I've just moisturized more often, taken advantage of my humidifier to add some suppleness to my skin, and that's about it.  I must say that I feel confident and comfortable.  I'm not one to put on my face before I leave the house to begin with, but I do like my lashes and for my skin to have that dewy, slightly bronze look. I'll add some pictures in a bit.  Have any of you gone on a "makeup diet" or "last diet?"


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