StacyNicole's Adventures in the Kitchen Pt. 1

I have no shame in admitting I'm not much of a cook.  I have been around some great cooks, but I never had the desire to learn (I just wanted to eat).  Now that I'm a little older, that's changing.  I'm not big on frying foods, using a bunch of salt or oil, so most of the recipes I've tried have been pretty healthy (except for the mac and cheese).  Here are a few that I've prepared over the past few weeks.  I'm huge on veggies and seafood, so there will probably be more posts on these staples than others.

For Thanksgiving this year, I was in charge of the kale and Bahamian mac and cheese (made the mac and cheese last year as well).  The kale was prepared with a little olive oil, water, garlic, salt and pepper.  The mac and cheese was prepared with all types of bad stuff! Lol.

Bahamian mac and cheese (has onions, celery and green peppers)

This is my take on callaloo and cod.  It wasn't bad for my first time.  I probably won't use turnip greens next time because they're a little bitter.  Instead of cod, I used whiting.  The dish consists of a little butter, onion, green peppers, tomatoes, chili powder, salt, pepper, thyme, and fish.


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