Closet Organization

It has been an ongoing battle with this closet of mine! As I've mentioned before, I've gone from a nice size walk-in to 1/4 of what I had.  I've purchased an extra garment rack, drop-down hangers, devices that create extra hanging space, etc.  Anything that looked like it would create more space, I tried it.

For awhile, I made due with having the garment rack in the closet, but it was a little tight!  So, last weekend, I decided to do something about it because I was about to go crazy!

What I've had to resort to is converting part of my office into a closet! I really don't mind it at all (and I prefer it over a crowded closet any day).  Once the office is complete, I'll probably only really be in there to blog and whatnot, so it's not like it needs to be a formal working space.


  1. WOW! So many purses! I really only have 5 but more to come!!

  2. I really want to raid your handbag section!! Have you seen Kimora Lee's Closet Confession on's site...INSPIRING!! I need to do some closet organizing too, thinking of hitting up that container store in Raleigh across from Crabtree.

  3. @Eclechick And to think that's only one of her many homes!


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