Sephora Launches iPhone App
As fancy and futuristic as the iPhone is, not too many things can shake my obsession with my Blackberry and utter opposition to touchscreen cellular devices. However, this new Sephora App is mighty tempting. “Sephora to Go” allows beauty enthusiasts like myself instant on-the-go access to the cosmetics superstore! At the tap of freshly manicured finger, we can do everything from see the latest product releases, read ratings and reviews, create “Wishlists”, manage our Beauty Insider accounts, and even make purchases. The GPS feature gives you directions to you closest Sephora location, and “Today’s Obsession” shows you which products company staffers are swearing by and why. Then there’s the amazing “Scan” feature: Once you’re in store, you can scan any product and automatically view additional information, reviews, and even videos that show you how to “Get the Look” – say swear?!

“Sephora to Go” is available now for free on iTunes, and compatible with any iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad device with an OS 3.1 or later. Download it HERE. Oh, you’re welcome. ; )
- Chelsea Smith


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