Hawaiian Tropic Oil Free Faces Bronzing SPF 25

Okay, I posted about this product last year and how much I looovvveee it! I've put off buying it over the past year to give new products a try (plus the fact that they stopped selling it in stores added to the hesitation).  However, I broke down and brought it on Ebay yesterday! I got two of the 4oz bottles for around $12, which included s&h and NC taxes.

It has received great reviews all around.  The best thing about it is that no matter how much my skin tone may change between summer and winter, it still works.  It can also be layered, which is really nice because I tend to like a more "made-up" face if I'm going out.  I am by no means a fan of foundation (I usually end up mixing it with my moisturizer and turning it into a tinted moisturizer instead because I can't stand trying to blend foundation perfectly), so this works best for me.  No need for brushes and tools-just your fingers!

As some reviewers pointed out, the main downside is that there's no expiration date on the product.  Sunscreen can't last forever, so what I will probably do it put on another sunblock before I put on this product, just to be on the safe side.

Below are a few older pictures of me when wearing the product.


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