Goodbye to the Old, Hello to the New

Friday was moving day. It was not only physically exhausting, but a little emotionally draining as well. There are so many changes that have happened over the past three years since I moved back to Durham, good and bad, and so many memories, many of which happened at my old apartment. So, saying goodbye was tougher than I thought (especially to my view of the woods, my large closets, and my nice, covered parking spaces)!

If you're in the RDU area and are moving, I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend TROSA! They were AMAZING and lightning fast! There were supposed to be four men, but instead, they sent six.  Plus they gave me a great deal! The total came to $281! Nothing was broken and no walls scratched.  They are the best! Period.

So, when I originally looked at the condo, I was head over heels in love.  Still felt that way until I moved in Friday and realized how much smaller the closets are.  We're not talking about small differences--we're talking HUGE.  I could fit a bed in my old closet and still have room (it was a true walk-in). Now, I have a half walk-in (of which I will take pictures later to show in comparison). So now I have wardrobe boxes full of clothes and nowhere to put them.  However, I will figure something out, but in the meantime, it just sucks.

The pictures below don't show all my stuff, but let's just say that it took 6 men about an hour and fifteen to get everything out! They asked me, "so, where's your roommate? Shouldn't they be helping." My response, "there is no roommate." LOL.




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