Peace and Tranquility: Umstead State Park, Company Mill Trail

My friend A-dot took me here awhile ago on a Sunday and I fell in love!! We hiked Company Mill Trail at Umstead State Park, right off of Interstate 40, Exit 287 for those of you in the Raleigh/Durham/Cary/Morrisville area!

The trail is probably a little over 6 miles or so.  I would rank it in the moderate category. I've never left feeling completely zapped out like I needed to go home and pass out, but I always leave sweaty, yet refreshed.  A lot of people run, but I'm extra paranoid about tripping over  rocks or tree roots and injuring myself. I just can't afford a trip to any one's emergency room right now!

I've been back a few times and love it here.  It's a great time for me to unwind, clear my mind and just sort things out.  This summer, I've only been working out outdoors--haven't stepped foot in a gym in forever! And honestly, I love it and I feel so alive!

The pictures are from last Sunday. I must say, my iPhone took decent pictures! It has its moments where I want to throw it out the window!


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