My Camera Screen is SHATTERED!!!

Yesterday, I went to take pictures of some stuff I purchased over the weekend at Target to post, turned the camera on, and got what looked like broken glass! I checked the lens, everything looked fine.  Upon further inspection, I realized that the LCD screen looked like it had been stepped on and smashed. So, right now, I have no camera and may experiment with using by iPhone or BlackBerry until I purchase another one in the upcoming weeks.  Another expense to add to the ever-growing list. Grrrrrr.


  1. When it comes to cameras, I have a lot of sad stories to tell, but i do hope you get one soon :)

  2. Man I hate that!! Hope everything works out :)

    <3 Ladies of EternallyFixated: Everything Celebs/Fashion

  3. now thus very sad hun,but I hope u get a new one soon


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