Men's Cologne

This is a slightly random post, but I absolutely heart mens colognes! There are certain colognes that will make me literally stalk a man! Lol. The following 4 are some of my all time favs, and they've been around for quite some time! Ralph Lauren's Polo Blue I can identify anywhere and will always love!  All of them are definitely masculine, but I enjoy spraying a little on myself from time-to-time!

Polo Blue, my favorite! It's addictive to say the least and just makes me melt to pieces! If I could get away with wearing it myself, I would.  What I like most about it is that it works for every man. Seriously. I've never smelt a man, or known a man that it didn't smell good on!

Le Male, by Jean Paul Gaultier. good! They used to have magazine advertisements with the sample swatch and I would put it on my wrists and smell myself until it faded away! They were smart by putting it in women's magazines because we were guaranteed to purchase it for the man/men in our lives! I'm not going to try and describe the smell because that's not my area of expertise, but it's just as addictive as Polo Blue.

I first discovered Issey Miyake in high school (not going to count how long ago that has been). I just remember it having a distinct and different smell.  Stands out in my memory.

Chrome is one of those scents you can pretty much purchase anywhere because it's so popular. It has a very clean smell to it, and isn't overpowering.


  1. Great post hun...Polo smells so good and Jean Paul is my hubby's fave cologne,,it smells so nice,irresistible&sexy it stays on all day till e following day ...he has to hide his from me coz I would defo wear it&spray on bed sheets lmao


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