UPDATE: Sensationnel HZ 7047

So, I've been wearing the wig for almost a week now.  I really like it, and would probably like it more if I hadn't messed with it so much.  I was afraid that it was going to tangle really bad (it had already started in the back), so I put some Wet 'N Wavy detangler in it on Saturday and combed it out.  Not the best idea.  Next time, I will just finger comb it.  Now the hair is not as curly, the ends are looking bad and it's just not the same:-(  So, here's what it looks like after 6 days of wear, and I even slept in it one night.  I didn't use gel to blend it this morning because I washed my hair last night and wasn't quite ready to put product on it.


  1. Pretty! I couldn't even tell that you were wearing a wig! x

  2. i looking forward to getting this wig. i looks great on you

  3. @Elizabeth Thanks! It's a beautiful wig.


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