Revlon’s Photo Ready Foundation: Same Packaging, Different Formula?

This weekend I finally broke down and purchased Revlon’s Photo Ready Foundation (RPR). I was tired of mixing my Neutrogena Healthy Glow Sheers in Bronze with my foundation to get a dewy look, and since I’ve heard so much about the “shimmer” in RPR and how it gives a glow, I was excited and hopeful. I get the product home, made sure my face was nicely exfoliated and moisturized, and went to apply. Now, when the product first came out, I looked at in the store over and over and could see the “shimmer” in the bottle. However, my bottle had no shimmer. Applied it anyway, and yes, my skin did look smooth, even, and soft, but it was a matte look, not a dewy one. I looked at the bottle again, and was sure that I didn’t see any shimmer. I even went to a different drugstore to make sure that I hadn’t purchased a “bad batch,” and saw that the bottle there didn’t have any shimmer either.

Has Revlon changed the formula of the product? I know a lot of people complained about the shimmer, so maybe Revlon took heed. I will admit that I was extremely disappointed and less than thrilled. The color actually works well on my skin unlike Revlon’s Colorstay in Cappuccino in both the Oily/combination and Normal/Dry, which have red undertones in them and don’t look good on my face at all. RPR blended in nicely, but that was it.


  1. With the Revlon PhotoReady foundation the darker shades do not have apparent shimmer, only the lighter shades appear to have it. I purchased when it first came out and there was no shimmer in mine, Cappuccino. So nope, no formula change.

  2. That's interesting. I wonder why that is. I'm glad you clarified for me because I was so sure that when I first looked at them, there was a slight hint of shimmer.

  3. yeah i agree with Mz. More, I didnt have shimmer in mines either. and I have to different shades. I love Relvon foundation


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