Model Model Glance CocktailWig: Style CW028, Berrytini. Color TP1B/30

Hellooo dolls! So, I've changed wigs again! Hopefully I won't destroy this one like I did the other.  Also, it's 100% Kanekalon, which is supposed to be a higher quality synthetic grade.  You can even hot curl it!  I like this one because it isn't as plastic looking as some of the Sensationnel half wigs and it feels really natural.  This wig can also be worn as a ponytail because it has a drawstring.  I personally cut the drawstring off because you can see it when you're wearing the piece as a half wig.  It also has a comb in the back and a comb in the top.  Also, this one actually fit over my entire head.  I believe Sensationnel changed their wig sizes because with the last three I've purchased, they don't come down near my ears.

Anyhoo, I'm loving this one. Let me know what you think!


*with flash


  1. Girl, it looks like you're @ work!! LOL I gave you an award!!! And I really like that wig. I like that it's not crazy shiny & looks so soft and natural. It really accentuates your long face!!

  2. Thanks so much, doll! I really, really like this wig a lot! It's worth the few extra dollars I had to pay. I've been wearing it since Thursday and there's been no tangling whatsoever!

  3. doll, that's a nice wig. did you get it at sunny's?

  4. Love it, the curls are gorgeous!

  5. hey hun,thanx for following me,im following u too. Love ur blog,its cute,u look amazing n i think that wig is da bomb it suits ya lol


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