E.L.F. haul- at the Dollar Store!

I meant to post this awhile back, but a few weeks ago, on my trip to the Dollar Store to buy candy, I stumbled upon an entire display of E.L.F. products (should have taken a picture). I almost lost my mind in there while people gave me odd looks as I enthusiastically picked over everything! There were a lot of items to choose from and some I didn't purchase because either I already had them, or I simply didn't feel like they were necessary (such as lashes, eyelash curler, and lip glosses I just purchased from Ross).


  1. have never tried Elf products before but Imma give them a try,great haul lol

  2. Definitely give them a try, especially when they offer coupons! About a month ago, they had 60% off the entire site. Out of this world!


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