2.5 WEEK UPDATE: Model Model Glance CocktailWig

So, I've been consistently wearing the Model Model synthetic half wig for about two and a half weeks now.  For the most part, it's holding up well! I'm impressed. I've even worked out with it on a few times. 

*Still has a curl to it
*The texture is still really smooth and not plastic feeling
*Doesn't tangle bad (I've had human hair that tangles a million times worse than this)
*Can apply heat to it
*Not as shinny (although it was never that bad to begin with)

*It doesn't shed when wearing, but when you comb it to get the kinks out, it sheds a lot (it's thinner than it used to be, but not too bad)
*The curls have dropped a lot, but I haven't washed it yet to see if they'll bounce back
*I've had to cut it a bit because the ends were split.  However, with as much as I've cut it, it's still extremely long.

All-in-all, it's a wonderful purchase! I like it a lot better than the Sensationnel wigs I was wearing. It's roomy, not plastic looking, and holds up well! I'm extremely impressed:-)


  1. I consider myself that half wig queen. I love the quick & easiness of them and also being able to afford to look cute without having to spend a ton. That style looks good on you. I'm going to search my favorite hair site ( hairsisters.com ) for it.


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