UPDATE: MAC 187 brush

So, I purchased the Mac 187 "stippling" brush a few weeks ago on Ebay after hearing rave reviews.  Most claimed that the brush helped foundation and blush appear airbrushed.  Well, after my first time using it, I was in looovveee! I absolutely adore this brush and can vouch that it does all the good things that people say.  It retails for around $42 I believe, but if you search on Ebay, you can find it a lot cheaper! Can't wait to try the brush with the Revlon Photoready foundation.


  1. glad u like the 187brush lol,I purchased mine last week and Im also in love with it,works perfectly with my mac studio fix fluid,im thinking of buying a second one already

  2. I looked at the MAC Studio fix fluid, but it just hasn't won me over. Have you tried MAC Face and Body? I've read really great reviews on it, but we don't have a stand alone MAC store in North Carolina. I'll have to go to Virginia, or buy it online.

  3. The first time I ever went to a Mac counter as a teen, e MUA tried studio fix fluid,so I bonded with it since then tho I have tried a few other.No I havent tried Mac Face&Body but will have to soon...if you buy it please let me know how u like it???


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