Flexi Rods: Hit or Miss

1" in the front, 3/4" in the back (side note: makeup free, minus the eye liner)
The other day I was watching some YouTube video and this young lady was curling her weave using flexi rods.  It came out with a loose wave pattern.  Instantly impressed, I went out and purchased some as well. I should have kept in mind that  my hair is a lot shorter than hers and that, in turn, meant that I should have purchased smaller rods for a tighter curl.  This was my first time using them, but I think with some practice, I may end up liking them.  I used about 6 rods total, and purchased a pack of the 1" rods and a pack of 3/4"

The result.  Not quite happy, but I'll keep playing with them


  1. I, too, was looking at flex-rods as an alternative to foam rollers that tend to lose their shape. I'm so tired of the press and curl thing and I might give it a try. I will try the grey and orange ones one and see how it goes. Thank you for your post!


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