Bzz Report: COVERGIRL & Olay Simply Ageless

Not sure how many of you are familiar with BzzAgent but it's a website that connects consumers to brands, allowing members to sample new products, take surveys, follow exciting websites that other Bzz Agents have selected, etc.  The more involved and active you are, the more campaigns you get invited to participate in.

So, I was invited to join the COVERGIRL & Olay Simply Ageless campaign.  The brochure states, "COVERGIRL and Olay Simply Ageless, a premium make-up line that can actually make you look younger.."  The products, especially the foundation, are supposed to suspend over fine lines and not settle into them and emphasize wrinkles like other foundations and products do.

My nice package arrived and contained the following:

Corrector in #230

Concealer in #220 (Medium/Dark)

Foundation in #270 (Toasted Almond)

Sculpting Blush in #230 (Lush Berry)

So, I applied all of the products in the order recommended (just as they're posted above)

I applied the corrector and concealer.  Honestly, it's a little pasty (like the Zinc Oxide in Sunscreen) looking for me.  The concealer was way too light (and it's the darkest color it comes in). I might use the corrector, but not with the concealer.  I think the Olay Regenerist serum (the ribbon that runs through the products) doesn't help because it's white as well.

And here we have the foundation!!! Now, I will say that the day before I did the review, I worked out in the sun and came back in about three shades darker. However, I think that even if I received the product in a darker shade, the Olay serum would still make it too pale.  My face looks as ashy as my lips! The product definitely goes on smooth, but look at my face! Also, I applied it with the sponge they supplied.  I'm definitely not a sponge girl, but I figured, hey, if you want a fair review, I need to use what you gave me! This is the foundation completely rubbed in.  NOW, what I did discover is that, if you use say, your fingers to apply the product, it blends a little better.  It's still not perfect, but it's better!

I don't have a picture of it, but I really like the blush.  It's builable and can be applied with your fingers.  It's a little bright, but a few extra rubs will tone it right down.  This was probably the best thing in the box! So, let's run down the pros and cons:


  • Long-lasting! I tried to wipe this off my face and it wouldn't budge! I really tried and had to end up using some Sweet Almond oil

  • The blush is creamy, long-lasting, highly pigmented and is buildable

  • The corrector works great to cover dark circles and other "flaws."

  • All of the products moisturize the skin extremely well, thanks to the Olay add-in

  • The packaging is lovely!

  • The serum makes the product a little too pasty for me.  It makes it difficult to blend

  • If you want to take the product off, it's not that easy

  • The lack of shades for the concealers.  I received the darkest one, and it was extremely light! It will not work well for women of color

  • The lack of yellow undertones in the foundation was a problem for my skin in particular. 

So, I hope this was helpful to any of you who were interested in possibly trying the products out! Check out BzzAgent.  It's a lot of fun and they really want your honest opinion about products.


  1. I seriously hate how most products are catered to lighter skin tones, i cant even begin to tell you how mad that makes me.

  2. I wrote a post about Neutrogena's Healthy Sheer Foundation, or whatever it's called, and the lack of skin tones available. To be a drug store brand that had a woman of color as a spokesperson (Gabrielle Union), you would think they would expand to darker skin tones. It's beyond me. Lines like Almay don't surprise me, but Neutrogena did.


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