One of the Absolute WORST Lip glosses ever!!

So, as I mentioned in my previous blog, Walgreens was having a huge sale on soon-to-be discontinued items.  I'm not a huge Almay fan, but hey, most of the Pure Blends were on sale.  I'm a stickler for lip gloss, so I purchased two of the Pure Blends lip glosses.  I got home, squeezed the tube and nothing but oil came out!!! Gross!! I tried to shake it up, mix it a little before I put it on my finger, but it still came out oily and had a Play-Doh like smell.  It was horrible.  I think the smell bothered me more than the oil.  After looking at the ingredients, Sweet Almond Oil is the first ingredients.  Now, I use SAO on my face everyday, but I would not want something that oily on my lips.  The product has received such good reviews that I'm left baffled.  Maybe I just got a bad batch, or maybe I'm not the only one who thought the product was gross and that's why it's being discontinued. I'm just sayin...


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