Long Hair, Don't Care!

Sooooo...it's hot around these parts of NC! Most people think short hair in the summer, but I'm the complete opposite.  I sweat so much that my natural hair simply looks a mess.  Almost two weeks ago, I went back to wearing my weave after a year of being weave-free! Oh how I missed it! Lol.  Sorry that I look a little sweaty in the pictures below.  A relaxer is also in order first thing tomorrow morning!

The name of the hair is Hair Topic in soft and natural, F1b/30. ladies, if you want highlights, make sure that the package has a "F."  If you're more into color blocking, purchase hair with the letter "P" before the color.  The "F" is more blended like natural highlights would be and the "P" is more like streaks.  The best thing about the hair is that it cost me.......$19.99 a pack for 14 inches! And it's actually pretty good quality hair.  It blends in so naturally. I was shocked! I've brought inexpensive hair before and paid the price a week later when I had to have it done again, but not this time!


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