Day 4 Without My Lashes

For any of you that wear false eye lashes the majority of the time, how do you deal when you take them off?!?!? I took mine off Saturday and I feel completely naked without them.  I've had to attempt to compensate by applying a cream eyeliner everyday (and making the line a little thicker than I normally would).  It has definitely helped, but when I take it off at night, I just feel weird.  Isn't it strange how we become addicted to things-- false eye lashes, make up, weaves, etc.  It's not even that I feel ugly or not like myself without them; I just look like a different person. Lol.  I guess the same thing goes for my weave.  I liked my hair short and cut it when I was going through a transition period (geez, how many of us do that!!!), but now that it's long, I really like it and, at the moment, wouldn't want it short.  Just my thoughts.  How do you feel about the things we become attached and addicted to?


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