Review: Revlon's Super Lustrous Gloss in Coral Reef

The blogs have been RAVING about this product! I've been looking for it around town and either most places don't sell it, or the ones that do have remained out of stock.  I lucked up at Target yesterday and finally purchased one of these bad boys! So, was it worth all the type and all the headache trying to find?!?...NO!!!!

For me, personally, it doesn't provide enough coverage.  I have darker pigmented lips, so my natural color shows through a lot! I just wish it was a little thicker like the Creme Gloss. I would definitely have to use a concealer or a base before I applied it for everyday wear.

Secondly, on my lips, it comes out looking more pink than coral- actually, it just looks pink. When I saw it in the tube, I was a little concerned about the color and it turns out, I had reason to be.  On those with lighter lips, it may look coral, but not for us with darker pigments.

Overall, I just can't say I even like it. I purchased Revlon Creme Gloss in Crush on Coral earlier in the week, so I'll just be sticking to that!


  1. Hey girl, thanks for your comment on my May Faves. After reading your comment, I wanted to visit your post about Coral Reef so here I am. I think it looks pretty on you, but I understand what you mean, it looks more pink-ish on you because you already have pigmented lips. I tend to wear it over Soft Nude more than by itself. You should definitely give it a try, the color it gives off with a base is very gorgeous! :)


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