How to Properly Apply Individual False Lashes!!

I admit that the first time I went and had lashes put on, they looked nice, but not perfect.  I didn't like how I had to use eyeliner to hide where the lashes were sitting on top of my eye.  So, about six months later, my beautician Nikki applied my lashes and OH MY GOODNESS, I WAS IN LOVE!!!!!  Instead of placing the lashes on top near the eye lid, you place them on the under side of your lashes! I went home, applied them myself and the application was actually easier than the other way. So, below are a few tips, product preferences, tools, etc.

First, to prepare, please have the following:

*A set of knot-free lashes.  I use Ardel DuraLash Naturals in medium, if I'm going for a natural look, or long, if I'm going for a glam look.  They run between $2.99-$3.99 and can be purchased at a beauty supply store.  I've tried other less expensive brands, but the quality of DuraLash outshines them all.

*A pair of tweezers, to grab the lashes
*Lash glue.  It is important to get one that if your eyes water, you will not feel like you're about to go blind.  I used the Ardel brand of glue and had to pull my car over and fan my eyes when they watered - I literally felt like I was going to lose my vision.  It's that serious.  Now I use:
Strangely, the box says Carie, but the actual tube says Lash's Quick Set.  I dunno! Lol.  But I love this stuff.  I have kept lashes on for two weeks at a time with no problems.  I can cry a river, and the lashes don't budge and I don't feel like my eyes are going to fall out.  Make sure that you store the glue in a dark place, like under the bathroom sink.  It's important for longetivity, and I know because I've been using the same tube for 8 months. 

*Eyelash curler
*Blowdryer to heat the eye lash curler (optional)
*Mascara- not waterproof if you plan on keeping the lashes on for awhile.  Waterproof will break your lashes off because it stiffens them. 
*A little patience!

1.  Make sure you're starting with clean lashes.  If not, grab some oil free eye makeup remover.
2.  Take the lashes out of the plastic casing.  Take out about 5 or 6 lashes and place them on top of the plastic casing.  Not using too many makes for a completely natural look.
3.  Open the glue and place a small drop on the top of the same plastic casing as the lashes.  I say a small drop because it dries fast.
4.  With the tweezers, grab one of the lashes from the bottom and dip in the glue.  You don't need a lot!
5.  If you're right handed, use your left hand to pull the eye lid up so that you can see the underside of your lashes
6.  Place the lash on the inside base of the lid, a little above where the eye lash meets the lid.
7.  Keep applying until you achieve the look you want. 
8.  Once the lashes dry (I usually apply mine at night and wait until the morning to do the following steps), heat the eye lash curler with the blow dryer and curl lashes, from base to end. 
9.  Apply mascara as you normally would

Because I keep mine on for weeks, I usually put mascara on every day or every other to make the lashes pop.  It really makes a difference and looks completely natural.

Just in case you're wondering....
*If you apply the lashes correctly, you won't be able to feel them or see them, even from the side.  If you're really good, when you lift your eye lid, they won't be all that detectable.
*To take them off, either use a product like petroleum jelly, or eye makeup remover.  Please be gentle when doing this.  Usually if they're being stubborn, I put a little Vaseline on my fingers and twist them back and forth gently.  Please don't tug.
*Avoid rubbing your eyes or sleeping on your face
*If applied correctly and not tugged at, they will not break your natural lashes off.  In fact, my lashes have grown quite a bit and I usually wear falsies constantly.


  1. nice tutorial. yeah wish i bought a different glue, my ardell glue was very weak.

  2. I wanted to learn how to put eyelashes on,this has been very helpful,thank u so much hun

  3. One day I'll get around to posting a tutorial:-)


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