Best Sunscreens for Women of Color

Most of us have had the horrible experience of having to deal with the white residue left from sunblock on our faces.  No matter how hard you rub it in, it's still there! I've tried the ones that are specifically for the face and guess what, I still looked pasty.  After much searching and testing, I've discovered two sunblocks that I absolutely love.  One I've been using for years and ordered in bulk, and the other I discovered last year.

The first is Hawaiian Tropic Oil Free Faces Bronzing Sunblock SPF 25.  I die for this!  I've been using this product for at least four years.  As mentioned in the previous entry, I love the bronzed look, and this product definitely delivers.  The more you layer on, the deeper the bronze looks.  I apply it lightly for the day, and layer it when I go out at night.  The only thing that i don't like is how when the product gets low, the pump no longer functions and you have to scoop it out.  Sucks a little, but it's managable.  The SPF isn't the strongest, so I would suggest putting your higher SPF on first, and then applying this one. 

Unfortunately, I stopped seeing this sold in stores quite some time ago, but it is available on and possibly ebay.  I love it so much that I don't mind having to order it, and it lasts for quite a while. 

Now onto my other fav, the ULTA Sun Dry Touch Faces Sunscreen Lotion SPF 80 .  This stuff is amazing.  It's water and sweat resistant, not too greasy and doesn't leave me looking pasty like I didn't know how to rub in my sunscreen.  I use this product every day, year round, sunny or cloudy.  I also have rather sensitive skin and this does not break me out at all.  This is the product I also add the Maybelline Power Bronzer Makeup Booster to.  The tube is really big and at a really great price ($9.99).  You can't lose.


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