Best Bronzer for Your Buck!

I absolutely llooovveee the bronzed look. I used to think that being of African American decent and not on the lighter side of the color spectrum meant that I couldn't use it. WRONG!! And being someone that likes to save a buck where I can, I needed one that would do the job and not cost a small fortune, no matter how long it would last.  So, awhile back at Walmart, I discovered Maybelline Power Bronzer Makeup Booster (1 fl. oz).  Although I haven't seen it in stores in months, it is available on Ebay.  This stuff works wonders, especially on darker skin tones.  If you have hyperpigmentation issues, this will help your skin look even-toned without having to fuss with foundation and concealer.  Maybe one day I'll be into foundation, but probably not anytime soon.  I'm a tinted moisturizer girl! Anyway, that's another discussion.

 Because I don't care to dedicate more than 10 minutes in the morning to getting my face ready (it's just not that serious to me, sorry), I simply add a drop to my ULTA sunblock (I will discuss this in another blog), rub my hands together and apply.  Done.  It gives you a nice glow without all the fuss.  You can add it to your sunscreen, moisturizer, foundation, etc.  It gives it that extra kick.  And for the price of like $8, you can't lose.


  1. interesting post hun,ilike it very helpful

  2. It's so unfortunate they don't sell it in stores anymore.


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