My Favorite Mascaras That Do What They Say They Will

If you're like me, you've spent countless $$$ trying to find the perfect mascara- one that will create volume, length, is smudge-proof, and just makes your eyes pop.  I personally am a fan of false individual eyelashes (more of these and how I apply them to look completely natural a little later), so when I don't wear them, I need a mascara that will make my eyelashes visible!! Mine are really short with a slight curl.

First, I guess I should say that I've tried some pricer brands over the years, and yes, a lot of them worked, but I felt like I could find a drugstore product that would work just as well.  If you want to try a pricer brand, I do recommend Too Faced Lash Injection.  I had good results with that one.  The brush is HUGE and takes some practice to maneuver, but once you get the hang of it, you won't be disappointed. 

So, on the left is my absolute favorite (well, at least until I find something I like better)- Maybelline New York's the Colossal Volum' Express in Black Glam!  And let me just put it out there that in terms of pigment, there is a difference between Black Glam and regular black.  Glam truly stands out!  The brush is large, but not unbearable.  Once I curl my lashes, I apply a couple of coats, wiggling from the roots to tips.  It completely transforms my teeny tiny lashes into long ones with volume. 

In the middle is Cover Girl's Lash Blast Length in Very Black.  The brush isn't very large and the bristles are small enough to get those tiny lashes in the inner corner of the eye.  I just recently purchased this and have only worn it once, but I was very impressed.  It separates lashes better than the Maybelline brush I must say. 

Last is a new one from Rimmel London called The Max Volume Flash in Extreme Black.  The description reads, "Skinny to fat lashes in a flash!  Up to 14x volume."  I really like this brush because it's the perfect mix between the two mentioned above.  It has the width and depth of the Maybelline brush, but bristles similar to Cover Girl.  I have had good results with Rimmel London mascaras, especially the LYCRA Lash Extender Mascara, and this one will definitely remain one of my favs!


  1. love that Rimmel London and Colossal they worked just well for me


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