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Microblading and Dark Skin (Initial Appointment, First Touchup and Second Touchup)

I'm not going to spend a lot of time discussing what microblading is because there are a ton of articles online about it. My job here is to give you some visuals of what happens with darker skin when it's microbladed.  

DISCLAIMER: If you have low self-esteem or are always worrying and wondering if people are looking at you, microblading ain't for you!!!!!! It's a process that completely transforms the way you look and for the first week or so, it ain't pretty. I'm just here to warn you...

I had the procedure done in June, had my follow up appointment 6 weeks later and then had a second touchup 5 months later. I probably could have gone a little while longer before the second touchup, but I knew I was going to be gone from Miami for awhile so I went ahead and had it done.  Please keep in mind that the longer between the sessions, the more likely you are to pretty much go through the 2-3 week healing process like you did after your initial session. My 6 week touch…

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