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Review: Signature Nail Systems (SNS)

Week 1

My experience: I like them a lot.  The odors were limited and they definitely were odor-free when I left the salon.  They don't require you to use a dryer of any sort; you sit them in front of a fan for two minutes and they're completely dry!  They have not faded or chipped in the corners.  They are still as shinny as they were on day one.  The process is kinda cool.  They dip your nails into a white powder and a pink powder and paint some type of adhesive.  They dip several times.  I will say that it is a bit more time consuming than gel or acrylic, and of course more expensive.  However, I think it's worth the price tag ($50 for the initial, $35 for a fill-in).  They may be less expensive somewhere else outside of the Brier Creek area, but I'm all about convenience.

Description from Website:

This multi-step SNS process overlays directly onto the nail bed to create a long lasting nails with exceptional durability and shine.  The application does not use harsh chemicals, it eliminates the odor that are typically associated with acrylic and gels.  The SNS process represents a completely new technology in nail enhancement.  Older methods such as acrylic and gels create a barrier that can cause weak, brittle nails and can even promote the growth of fungus on the nail bed.  Signature nails are water resistant, yet they allow natural nails to breathe, enabling them to grow long and strong.
     This innovative SNS technology was developed by a group of Nail Professionals with decades of industry experience.  If you are allergic to acrylic then SNS is for you!  Signature Nails are light weight and flexible. It is designed to feel like real nails yet they are also more durable than acrylic.  Unlike acrylic and gels, Signature Nails does not bond to the cuticle and are healthier for the natural nail bed.

Signature Nails are:
- Odor free  
- No damage to nail bed 
- Resistant to chipping & Cracking
- Water resistant 
- Healthy for your real nail by adding calcium & vitamin E
-Maintenance free

Signature Nails are maintenance free with a natural look that does not require nail polish.  The SNS process is not harmful to your nails, in fact it can help damaged nails grow back healthier and stronger.

Week 3
Week 3


Hi - I had SNS nails done about 6 months ago on healthy nails. I had them removed one month ago, and my nails are in worse shape than they were when I stopped wearing acrylic nails three years ago. Beware--they are low odor, easy to put on & no drying process as you indicate, but when you take them off you will find weak nails that crack and tear. So far it's been a month, and my nails are still in horrid shape.

Hummm, for sure if the product was ripped of your nail... I find the process for taking it off is the same as with acrylics... patience !

Did they hand file your nails or use the dremel? I find that when they use the dremel it damages my nails.

My mom told me bout em yes'day, but my thng is its not the chemicals that damage but the procedure of filing with the machine on ur nail to make the surface ruff to make it adhere. I hate the filing on ur real nails. My natural nails i keep short & i shape them but they only grow to a certain length & break so getting nails done are tempting but then i remember how i hate the machine....

This product SUCKS! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR $$$$$. This product is basically 7 different bottles of super glue, no other nail system will allow your fingers to get glued together if your skin touches your wet nail. They say odorless...try doing them without your eyes watering or burning. Their customer service, if you can get them on the phone and find someone who can speak even more.

Thanks for reading!

To Anonymous Jun 14, 2012: Are you sure you are talking about Signature Nail Systems? Your negative review is totally the opposite of my experience. My experience has been totally positive for over the year that I have been using the product. I love them and would highly recommend them!

My name is on nom, I like this product.

I just got my first set and I like them so far, but I have only had them a weak. The grow out is definitely better than gel polish with the UV process. The gel pealed from the area it had grown away from the cuticle so I have never been able to keep those for more than a week, even if they were done extrememly well with a paintbrush. Agree that my experience not at all what Anonymous Jun 14, 2012 reports. I smelled nothing, have had no discomfort and don't understand the reference to glue or anything like glue! Does anyone know if I can safely use regular nail polish remover to change my color without hurting the overlay?

I had mine done for the first time over two weeks ago and they are still hanging in there. I am curious about anyone who has gotten it done on their natural nail. Any feedback will do.

I had it done on my natural nail and it keeps lifting. I have had to go back to the salon to have them fix each lifting one all week but now they are lifting again. I want to know why this keeps happening.

Hi I've Had my nails done over a month now and i love them. My nails lifts too, but that's because of the oil in my natural nails.

I had the SNS nail system since July. I get them done every 3 weeks and have no problems. My nails are not weak or painful like when you use acrylic. I read a lot of negative reviews on this blog. My initial SNS ater 3 wks cracked and broke I believe because the filing machine was used. Second time around the nail tech did filing by hand and my nails are still VERY beautiful, no cracks or damage. I'm going to the salon on august 28th for repeat, which will be #3. I always use lotion on my hands and don gloves when using chemicals like bleach and cleaning products.

I just had my natural nail overlay with Signature Nail Systems and love my nails!! NO odor, NO.painful filing. I do know the natural oils our nails produce cause lifting with acrylics and gels sometime, its not the nail techs fault but most do fix at no charge.

Your nails will look great until you remove them permanently and they will be the same mess they were after acrylics.

I've had my SNS nails for over a month. I work with my hand and they have held up very nicely, way better than gel nails. I am over-due for a second set but can't find a salon in the Oklahoma City area that does them. Going to go to Dallas, TX to visit a friend, hopefully I'll find one there.

I love them they last so long i wish they had more salons in new York that do this my nails are growing i would recommend this to anyone i will be doing this to my nails a long time

Yes you can, be sure to use non-acetone nail polish remover

I had mine done 3 days ago. I hate them! I hope I can find a salon to remove them asap. You can already see my nail bed. The ends are chipped. And NO, I'm not going back to the salon that put them on!

The skin around my nail is red and itchy today. Just had the SNS nails yesterday. I'm wondering if the salon used the regular acrylic powder on me, which I'm allergic to. Has anyone had a reaction to these nails. They're supposed to be hypoallergenic, right?

Had my nails done today. I have used shellac for over ayear and my nails were paper thin under the shellac and when I left them off for a few weeks they tore into the nail bed. I tried SNS on tips and I like the look and feel. I'll see how it goes. Can't be any worse than the other methods. My shellac lasted only 7 to 10 days max. Here hoping for a full two weeks.

I got a full set of SNS nails 6 days ago. They have all lifted and basically cracked and popped off. This is the same that always happens with acrylics. I thought I'd try this out, but really no difference for me. Off they come, one by one.

Just had SNS nails done on my natural nails and I love them so far. A little concerned that the technicians were not completely sure of what they were doing. They did use uv light to get final coat to dry. Can't find anybody else in my city that does them so I can ask questions. Next place close to me is 45mins to an hour away.

I've had the SNS nails for the last 3 mths. Always on my natural nails & never a fill because I wanted a different color each time. It was suggested to fully remove & start over. The use of the dremel sent up a big RED FLAG & the fact that the nail tech pushes down the skin on each side of the nail. :-\ Basically the same with acrylics. Just a few minutes under the fan, no uv light or odor, but the chemicals are just as toxic as in artificial nails. Don't be fooled by reading the Vitamin C claim. My nails are once again in the same bad shape as they were after acrylic removal. Paper thin, peeling & chipping. I didn't think this would happen again ....well, "fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me!" Btw, perhaps there's a good reason very few Nail Salons are offering this service. Has anyone here asked that "burning" question, just curious??!

I have had SNS on my natural nails for exactly 1 year & I like them a lot... No chipping, lifting or peeling for me.. I like the fast drying concept which was what led me to get it... I keep the same BRIGHT RED color so I only pay $25 for fill ins...

My only complaint is that not a lot of the Techs in the salon that I go to knows how apply it properly b/c a lot of them make them too thick & bulky...I only have one Nail Tech that I always see at this particular salon but if she is away on vacation (in VEITNAM) or if the shop is very busy, then I have to let a diff Nail Tech do it b/c I dont wanna wait for her to be available. But those other Techs are not properly trained on the technique & application process b/c it is supposed to look just like your nail except slighter thicker than the regular nail...

I plan to take them off next month after this new set grows out some, so I have not yet experienced what my real nails will do or look like after I remove them...hopefully they wont tear or crack like some others have posted on here.... Thanks for reading... BJ

I have been getting this product for the last year and love it. I do not have tips, it goes over my natural nail and I seldom have a nail break. They are thinner than acrylics and I get compliments on my nails everywhere I go.
If you are having a bad experience I would suggest it is the nail tech and not the product.

I currently have it on my natural nails, and it was a waste of $45. When I got them done on a Monday, it was very nice. I was back in the salon that Wednesday because two nails needed to be repaired. Once I reached home, I noticed another nail had began to do the same thing.

It starts out as a crack or shatter, that you see on the surface, and as the crack grows it chips off. I am a teacher, and I don't do hard labor with my hands to cause them to chip the way they are. I do not recommend this product. I will continue to use gel polish.

After 3 weeks of having my SNS nails on, I now think it is time to remove them, what would be the best way to remove them without having to go back to the salon?? Thank you

I got mine done 2.weeks ago and so far so good. I think it depends on how good the tech is who put them on. Ask questions like how long they've been doing that type of product. My tech told me the training was over an entire weekend. He came highly recommended by friends. Before you have it done check around and ask questions. These are a lot more expensive but I've think they are worth it.

Did you find out how to remove them yourself?

To remove sns nails use two bowls one with warm water in it and the other one with acetone. Place the bowl with acetone on top of the bowl with warm water put hands in and it will soak right off about 15 to 20 mins. The hotter the water the better. Also cover hands with a washcloth to keep in heat once in the bowl of acetone.

1st heat a bowl(glass)of water for about a minute or two. 2nd place the bowl(glass)of aceton remover in the bowl of hot water. 3rd place your entire finger tips in the aceton. 4th place a towel over your hand. you will feel it warm as you sit. it takes about 15 or more. no scrapping at all. the sns melts off. the hot water heats the aceton.

i went to a salon and have tried the SNS on my natural nails and the tech told me he does this all the time. My nails look great had it on for a month and i love it. I am going back to have another color put on and my nails redid. It make my nails feel good and they almost fee like there is an acrylic nail over my natural nail, but I used it over my natural nail. I would highly recommend this. It is also easy to take care of.

So I'm natural girl , I have strong long nails that grow fast , but I enjoy working with my hands so when one breaks they all start breaking one by one.... So being that I'm starting a new career in sales, we all know looks mean everything. Since, I had a nice long set all grown out already, the Tech (who also happened to be the owner ) suggested the product that I had been reading about on their wall, I said no chemicals sure I'm down. I don't like the uv gel BC it doesn't last long at all and there's no fill in it just peels away. I can , after witnessing the process, say that experienced Tech is 100% necessary BC the technique takes being detailed and meticulous. I think the best thing is that ppl no longer assume my natural nails are fake, BC the layer is so thin and isn't as glossy fake looking. I am no fool however, just like when acrylic came out the salons never would admit to the set harming your nail bed, this too I am banking will do the same thing to my actual nail strength as acrylic did, but its not the end of the world. I have no issues with cutting them off and starting from new again. .... I mean that is what they do.. ..grow!

Probably the technique that your technician had done to yours was wrong, I had sns nail on mine over 4 weeks, I have no problem at all, no lift, cracked, also sns colour stays perfectly on my nails

Just let you know there is another nail system like sns ( I mean fake) 's been around, after copying sns technique, it has been out to market parallely with it,) coz by itself, it couldn't reach the market ...careful with fake product ( has been claimed crack, damage .)

Do you know of a location in Bergen County, NJ that does SNS??

I have had SNS applied for the first time one week ago. I was explained as to why this is better for my natural nail. We shall see what happens once I get to the removal point. I have been using Acrylic as well as Gel's for the last 20 years, and this really doesn't feel all to different. However, the appearance is definitely way better, and I have yet to experience any lifting which I am really famous for. They are still as shiny and beautiful as they were on day one. The Salon I use for the first time and they appeared to know what they were talking about. Some of you sound like you just had a really bad Tech.

I had SNS applied 3 weeks ago, not one problem the entire time. Trust me...I had them in water, paint thinner, paint etc. and they lasted 3 weeks. Love Them!!! Went back today to change colors. I really like it, it didn't peel like the gel polish. It's not as thick as the acrylic, which I'm thankful for. I just wish there was a more variety of colors, and maybe that will change when more clients start using it.

I love my SNS nails. Acrylics in the past lifted at the tips encouraging moisture and discoloration. Gel was too weak and Shellac peeled off although I believe it was the technician, not the Shellac itself. I have had SNS nails for approx. 5 months now. I can easily leave them til 4 weeks for refills and only occasionally on my thumb nails have I had a crack or chip. I am very rough on them though and never wear gloves when cleaning. Recently when the SNS cracked and chipped off my thumb nail, the natural nail underneath was perfectly healthy and hard! A work colleague let hers grown out by buffing and soaking in acetone and her nails are healthy and hard too. I love the way they feel thin at the tips now that my own nails have grown so I can actually scratch myself, unlike acrylics!! Very natural looking and feel. Highly Recommended.

I love the product, but I HATE the website, ordering process, etc. They never answer the phones, their site is always having trouble, no one speaks english, they never get my complete order correct. I wish the company was better, because I love the products! I do nails in a medical spa setting, but it's impossible to order from them efficiently. I have tried and tried but no luck finiding an internal comtact that can help me.

I am a nail technician in New York and have been one for 18 years. I am always reading up on new products and articles,to keep informed, and I came upon this product,but it seems to me to be like any other dip process out on the market. The only difference is that it doesn't use activator spray. While reading some of these comments I felt the need to reply. What makes an exceptional nail tech different from the rest, is one that will explain all the possibilities to their client. Acrylic gets a bad rap from the MMA acrylic used a long time ago that is not approved by the fda. There are many different acrylics out on the market today that many customers can pick and choose. Any nail enhancement shouldn't lift right away, if that happens the nail tech didn't prep the nails properly. Between UV gels, No-light gels, UV acrylic, odorless acrylic, aqua nail acrylic, powder and glue dip, gel polish etc etc...the list goes on and on. A client receiving any of these enhancements should last anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks depending on how fast your nail grows. Most of my clients go 3 to 4 weeks in between fills. And please be advised NAILS DON'T BREATH IT IS A FALLACY! nails are dead matter it is the root that is not.any nail tech that tells you, "you need to let your nails breath" doesn't know what she is talking about,because you actually learn this while attending school. What ruins your nails is not the enhancement it is the tech ripping or over filing the nail plate. I use a nail drill with almost every client but I am experienced and know how to properly use one. If your nail tech isn't good with a drill I would advise you to ask her not to use one. Another fallacy people don't realize is, if you never had a thick strong nail plate you cannot make it thicker or stronger with strengthening nail polishes.They will be slightly stronger while wearing them but when you take your polish off, your nail is still your nail. It all Depends on the nail root thickness you were born with. Some have a thick nail root some do not. I unfortunately was not one of the lucky ones. I always admired my Grandmother's beautiful long thick natural nails which I never had, therefor I wear enhancements.

it's funny how 90 percent of the reviews bash the gel nails. I refuse acrylic because they lift after 2 weeks and break easy. I work in an auto parts store so i'm hard on my nails, always using chemicals etc. I've been getting gels for 4 years now and I can wear my gel nails for 2 months without any breakage, lifting etc. Granted they are really outgrown by then but they are the most durable-the gel nails for me at least

Yes I found also that SNS liquids were all super scam. ..checed ingredients on bottles matched ingredients on superglue. ..and I can't even find a contact number to be reimbursed

Yes...SNS system are just superglue dipped in if you are allergic to acrylic dont get them anymore

I have been having them done since march and love them I get them done every 4 weeks and they look the same as when I had them done the same the first day I do gardening washing and they do not change I love them

Hello actually I have gotten the SNS done on my natural nails I loved it I felt free from acrylic nails but my nails were still fabulous try it you won't be disappointed

I currently have shellac on my nails - I have had it on my nails about 3 weeks - it is time to get them redone. I noticed some lifting near the edges and pick a little bit off of one of my nails... the nail underneath is yellowing. Why is that? Please tell me the pros and cons of shellac nail polish

I have been getting the SNS nails for a year now, it did take several trips and salons to find the right person to apply it the way I want them to look. I get pink and white and I like the white to be narrow so I would rather go more often than have the white be thick to allow for growth. However with the SNS I find that I am able to go more than 4 weeks and they still look good, if you look closely you can see the new growth line but if I want to I can file the edge and be okay. My nails tend to curve in the longer they grow so I keep them at a decent length but the last time I wanted to have them a bit longer and while they still curved as they grew out the SNS seemed to stay attached, I don't know how because the acrylic would always start lifting at this point. I just did a soak off and my nails were not soft and layered like they were with the acrylic, I honestly think that I could have filed them down some and would not have to have the grow out time like I used to when going a while without acrylic! I would tell anyone to give them a try at least once.

"Healthier nail system" you say? This is what I have to say...I have had acrylic nails and gel nails for nearly 20 years. My salon talked me into the new "SNS" system this past summer. I balked at first because it was more expensive, but finally said OK since they offered my 1st time at same price as my pink & white gel. I had my nails done 4 times. Yes, it was odorless and I did not have to sit under the light. Yes, they were beautiful and more natural looking. Here is the thing: I had the other nails for so many years and NEVER a problem! 4 times with the SNS and I came down with a raging infection underneath the SNS and my own nail on my nail bed. It popped up within a day which happened to be a holiday. My whole thumb swelled up twice it's size and became stiff and I could not bend or move it, I could visably see infection thru the nail and feel puffy spots all over my thumb which was clearly pussy infection. I ended up in urgent care and the Dr proceeded to use some kind of burning needle to burn holes thru my nail to try and relieve some pressure and release some of the infection! My thumb throbbed so badly that I was in constant tears. I needed antibiotics as well as a painkiller.
OK think about this...With this system, rather than painting on the gel or acrylic with a brush, they dip your whole finger tips in the 2 jars and then shake or tap the excess powder off and back into the jars. Think of all the germs/bacteria that are embedded behind the nail down by the "quick." Think about how many others fingers have been in those 2 jars. Think about how many folks do not wash their hands adequately and regularly! This is safer? I think NOT! 20 years of the other techniques and never an issue...4th time using this new technique and I end up with this raging and horrendous infection! Let me tell you how my nail looks now just a little over a month later. Several black burn holes in the nail and the SNS nail grown halfway up my nail (because I certainly couldn't go soak it in acetone to remove it nor have it picked off with wounds on it.) and I am losing my own nail now which is a somewhat slow process as well as the whole nail looks disgusting!. Odorless, YES, pretty..YES...Just don't do it!

I would like to add that the nail hole burning process was extremely painful and I left the urgent care in worse pain...not to mention the disgusting smell of burning nail & flesh! UGHHHHHHH!

I'm a nail tech who started using the product a month ago. I was septical bcuz I'm a shellac fan. There are not 7 different bottles of super glue. It's 1 bottle of a glue that has calcium & vitamins in it. I tried using a regular glue & it doesn't work. If ur eyes were burning, ur face was obviously too close to ur hand. It does burn from the fumes of the glue, but only if ur face is down on the hand, like the nail techs face is sometimes working on the nails. And if ur skin got glued together.....well don't touch ur nails til they're with any nail service. There IS a lady that has answered questions for me at SNS who speaks English....she sounded Caucasian. They all speak English, just hard to understand some of them....just like when u go to the Chinese places to get ur nails done.

Not true. Only true if u rip them off. If removed according to manufacturing guidelines, there will not be further damage. If u only worn them for a few weeks, they might be.....bcuz they've not had time to heal from the acrylics.

Make sure they are completely buffing every part of ur nail before application. Also make sure they are not getting any in the cuticle. If they do, as it grows out, it will lift.

U should find a nail tech who knows how to properly apply them. Whoever did urs obviously didn't know what they were doing. It's fairly new so not many of us have been doing them long. Every nail tech should educate themself before doing them.

It is not traditional acrylic powder. It has 1 acrylic ingredient in it....acrylic ester polymer. Polyethlymethylmethacrylate is the ingredient in traditional acrylic powder. So it depends what ur allergic to exactly. Also in trading acrylic nails, most ppl ate allergic to the combination of the powder & liquid. If ur truly allergic to sns....u should try shellac. It's an awesome product too. I've been using it on my clients to years & I'm only using sns on new clients that have been going to other places that use the drill, rip off their acrylics, etc. They usually need a little more strength than shellac offers... it's my go between product to get them into shellac.

Signature Nails are maintenance free with a natural look that does not require nail polish. The SNS process is not harmful to your nails, in fact it can help damaged nails grow back healthier and stronger.

There are many possible causes of infection in the patient with cancer. For example, certain cancers interfere with the body’s immune system response, which results in increased risk of infection to the patient.Emuaid Reviews

For anyone out there try to soak ur hand in acetone remove shellac is wrong. To much soaking will make ur nail break n weak. Shellac is great the only thing make ur nail thin is the tech n urself. No experience tech will buff out the shellac thats will thin out ur nail bed. First take a file rough the top coat of the shellac. Then foil the nail with acetone n cotton ball. Leave it for 8min get woodstick push it out if som part is not remove rough it with a file n foil fir another 3min. If you leave the foil tight enough for 10min ur shellac will come out without any problem. This post described pros and cons of shellac nail polish very nicely. Thanks

There is no glue in this system. There is no burning of the eyes with this system.

I have had the SNS nails for 4 months now, having had the fillins, etc, had many visits back to salon for breakage, popping off, etc. sometimes tech going so fast that the last coat of polish was sandy to the touch, I finally had them removed and my nails have ridges where they used the dremmel tool on it to I guess remove the thickness at nail bed, about 2 ridges, nothing on them now because my nails are paper thin, weak, and the tech this time when I asked to just buff the surface for shine only and no product she said no too thin, she slapped a topcoat on there that is now rough looking and nails are still paper thin, on my thumb nail there are several black streaks, like someone took an ink pen and drew a line on it at the tip of nail. This might be convenient but it most definitely is not healthy for my nail and body. I will never do this again.

And I say not true to this.. I had BEAUTIFUL nails before I had this dip powder applied to my nails. After 2 weeks of the polish chipping, nails breaking and lifting, I said I was done with the whole thing! Had them removed yesterday, and the girl kept saying to me "This is horrible. We decided against carrying this product because we tried it before letting our client's buy it." They said it was just like applying glue directly to the nail. And as soon as they were finally removed (after an HOUR of soaking them) I still have a thin layer of glue on top of my brittle and broken nails and she didn't want to file through my nail since the glue was so difficult to come off. I am tired of gel polish, dip powder, anything and everything other than painting with polish. Yeah, doesn't stay long. But beats the heck out of growing my damaged nails out for the next few months!!

I love that this post is still running after 3 years. Can't say I've been convinced to try it out yet.

Removal needs a proper gentle technique otherwise you will damage your natural nails. Der

I had my first SNS set put on about a month ago. Bit of background about me, I'm allergic to gel and acrylic nails but was desperate to find a solution for my wedding, as I have short brittle nails and am a nail bitter. I found a salon that offered this product and thought I'd try it.

Usually with gel & acrylic, I get burning eyes, itchy face, burning skin around the nails, peeling skin on fingers, hives/rashes on fingers, swollen hands - and it happens EVERYTIME regardless of which salon I go to or what brand of acrylic or gel they use.

With SNS, I can honestly say I got NONE of my usual symptoms! They did take slightly longer to put on, but had very minimum odour when they were applying and no odour when I left. I use my nails ALOT of things, and found that where my gels/acrylics would usually start to lift from my nails within 2 weeks - the SNS was still fully attached 5 weeks later AND have not broken, cracked or snapped at all, and I personally believe they are stronger than the acrylic/gel nails I've had.

So all up - AWESOME! Never going back to gel/acrylic! Low smell, no allergic reactions, no lifting, no breaking or cracking, extremely durable and reasonable cost ($55AUD for full set compared to average acrylic full set $40AUD and average gel full set $50AUD)


I'm a nail tech and I experimented with putting SNS on just one nail ( my pointer finger on my left hand) and buffing it after it was dry and putting a no-chip on top. It was easy, I prepped the nail by hand filing and buffing ( no use of a electric nail file) and the no-chip chipped after 3 days but the nail looked great and was pretty study. Had it on for a little over a week. This product can be applied without using a drill and removed by soaking in acetone, not popping or drilling off. Those 2 things alone will minimize damage to the nail plate. I would love to put no chip on top though, I do alot of nail art so it would be helpful. Any chance you can use and dipping on a client who has acrylics and needs a fill in though?

OMG, I wish I had read these reviews before I invested $180.00 on this system. Feeling sick to my stomach!

It was only a 10 minute removal time for me and my nails were not damaged at all. I personally like it and did not have any of the problems that you have described here. After having them my nail actually turned out healther and stronger.

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Hi anonymous, I was told to use a nail file to remove most of the polish then soak cotton balls in 100% Acetone & wrap in aluminum foil for 30 minutes. I tried it and still was difficult to remove. Such a daunting process and I haven't introduced it to my clients because of the time it takes to remove.

Is this what you do or do you have a better suggestion? Thank you!

One other question...Is it taking you only 10 minutes to remove because you apply ONE coat of the powder?

Thank you!

BEWARE - if you are allergic to the glue used in semi-permanent lashes SNS is not for you. It's made with formaldehyde and caused severe swelling and allergic reaction in my eyes (because i rubbed them after having my nails done)
I'm going back to my standard acrylic with shellac coating.

So disappointed in the SNS Dipping Powder system. Waste of money!

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For years I used acrylic then gel and I always hated the damage caused to my beautiful naturally strong nails. A decision was made to discontinue use of any artificial nail system. For years I enjoyed my natural beatiful nails with just manicure and polish. After changing careers to one where my hands are used my nails took a beating and I went back to gel for strength and durability. Again I hated how it left my nail damaged and thin.



Never ever again. I had the SNS nails for 4 weeks, and had them removed on Saturday. All 10 fingernails have split, the skin around my fingers is peeling and to top it off, my hands look worse now than they did in the beginning.
Buyer beware....

Dear Anonymous, I share your opinion about SNS. I spent over $275.00 on the system & totally regret it. I tried it on myself & on my friend only to ruin our nails. I regret the purchase. I would never use this mess on my clients. Its very difficult to remove & just not worth losing my clients. #wasteofmoney #don'tpurchasethisproduct...#regretit

Dear Anonymous, I share your opinion about SNS. I spent over $275.00 on the system & totally regret it. I tried it on myself & on my friend only to ruin our nails. I regret the purchase. I would never use this mess on my clients. Its very difficult to remove & just not worth losing my clients. #wasteofmoney #don'tpurchasethisproduct...#regretit

I tried this system right before traveling out of the country... The initial process was easy after getting the acrylic off. I have done acrylic for about 10 years and loved the look and sturdy nails ( I have been a nail biter) but dreaded the process with the filing and pain associated with it. As a result my nails were paper thin and nail
beds were so sensitive. I could never relax. Trying this system was so different. There was no pain and the tech was great. The color was vibrant and my nails felt light but sturdy. They were great for traveling and did not break, lift, crack or dull. I waited to give an opinion till I completed the cycle of going back and seeing how my nail looked upon removal and color change. I did not get back in till almost one month later...of course you could see a lot of my real nail growing out but the nail was still beautiful with color and shine and in good shape. I was surprised. Upon removal that was easy with 3 rounds of limited acetone soaking, my nails appeared a lot healthier. My experience so far has been positive and I will continue to use this system. To be able to relax while getting my nails done has been a new experience for me. I feel grateful for finding this salon.

I tried the SNS system two come this Saturday. Never again! I stop getting my nails done for years bc the removal of the acrylic was too harsh. After much convincing I tried the gel manicure and absolutely fell in love with it. The polish literally peeled off after the acetone cotton ball foil wrap. No damage as I've heard described. SNS was the chatter in the salon by the way is very posh. I was told it was organic and my nails would grow even faster with this system. Neither are true. It's not organic...carries the same chemical properties as acrylic and my nail just began to separate from the cuticle as of yesterday. My nails were very very hard...and did not have the natural appearance as the gel manicure. Day 3 a nail chip, day 4 another chipped, Friday the gel coat of 3 fingers began to peel off and Monday 50% of my middle finger has lifted off. Now that the nails have separated from the cuticle when washing my hair strands get caught and today my thum is lifting off. I was dipped twice in addition to all the other steps before,after, and in between. Mind you the 2 final coats were the gel used the UV lights. I'm thinking of soakin them off myself after reading some the horrors. Finals have prevented me from addressing this at the salon but will do so this weekend. Maybe it was the technician but I'll stick to the gel manicure. I've never experienced anything like this.

I'll never use any dipping powder system again as well. My nails are shot! 💅

I'll never use any dipping powder system again as well. My nails are shot! 💅

I have just had my nails done with the SNS and am very happy with them. They were done professionally and having read all the comments I do agree that there needs to be a better system where everyone shouldn't be using the same jar of powder - they should be using a spoon to put the powder on so 'there is no chance of bacteria spreading from person to person - a valid point. I have never had such strong and beautiful nails and am very happy so far ....... it's only been a week but no chipping, lifting or peeling .... very happy and would recommend this product.

I was happy with the SNS but it is difficult to remove yourself. Though I just realized that I have the wrong kind of remover so I am off to the shops for some acetone.

I was happy with the SNS but it is difficult to remove yourself. Though I just realized that I have the wrong kind of remover so I am off to the shops for some acetone.

I only get my nails done because of a permanent crack in my thumb nail and would have to wear it very short, for 15 years I've worn acryilic and long because I can't stand short nails. So two days ago a took the plunge to get SNS, not understanding me properly they did them short, so that alone is not at all comfortable. But I am aware of my nails all the time,like a pressure feeling, I am not sure if it is because my nails are much shorter than I am used to, or the SNS is not going to be successful for me. BTW My nails got 5+ dips.
Also could someone tell me, do they refill these or is it a full removal when they are due to be done again.
Will let you know in a couple of weeks if this strange feeling goes away.

I 💖 this technique! After having acrylic nails for 30 years, my nail tech suggested SNS. My nails grow fast, but are weak and damaged from having acrylic so many years. They are now long and strong and I will NEVER use anything else. I don't understand all the negative comments. I don't smell any odor? And it's NOT superglue. Even if it was, haven't you used glue to repair a broke nail before? The product is infused with calcium and vitamin E. Sorry for all those who don't like it, but maybe your nail tech doesn't know how to properly do this type of nail technique!

It will be a full removal, my nail tech says it is essential to remove all the old to keep your natural nails healthy.

It will be a full removal, my nail tech says it is essential to remove all the old to keep your natural nails healthy.

Excellent points made! I too have been doing nails 24 years and get so annoyed with people obviously not knowing what they are talking about. Spot on here. If they are done correctly they will last. I also don't believe in soaking off and doing full set of acrylic often. Then the entire nail plate is being thinned over and over instead of just the new healthy growth. If they are dont me correctly you should be able to keep filling. A new set not necessary and only does more damage.

Read the label again and say this is not made primarily of glue! I'm not saying it's a bad thing but it is basically super glue! Next is the ingredients of super glue. Compare to the sns gel base ingredients or gelous :

Cyanoacrylates include methyl 2-cyanoacrylate, ethyl-2-cyanoacrylate (commonly sold under trade names such as "Super Glue" and "Krazy Glue"),

I have strong healthy nails. Had sns twice. It looks beautiful and lasts forever.
However impossible to soak off, it turns to glue and needs a lot of rubbing. Impossible to rub as my nails have gone superthin soft and bendy under the sns.
Will never do sns again am back to shellac!

I totally agree. Have been having sns for twelve months and am very satisfied. Can't believe the negative reviews. Duggest you chanhe your operator

Totally agree. Am very satisfied with mine over the last 6 months. Find someone who has learnt to do it properly.

I had sns nails for 6 months they are brilliant. But I had them removed yesterday my nails are very soft and tender to touch.I am back to work in 3 days but worried because my nails sore rubbing cream into them hope they won't take long to get back to normal.

Janet, I was advised to use 70000 IU of Vitamin E Oil after ruining my nails with the SNS Powder System. Apply to your nails several times per day. Your nails will become stronger and helps them grow. I now use nail tips with OPI Axxium Soak Off UV Gel (no acrylic powder at all) and my nails look beautiful, are strong and healthy.

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it is three weeks now and my nails are still great, but need a nail technician to do SNS nails here in Newcastle to do refills, anyone got any ideas?

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Anyone know if you can trim or file sns nails ??
So they can grow out naturally ?

Just wait as time goes on you will start to see a change in your real nail. If u leave them on too long water gets trapped underneath the nail and fungus starts to set in. I had to have a new set put on every time I had a fill-in. My nails are brittle and one of my nails was torn off half way down BC I couldn't get the tip off. I used to recommend SNS but not anymore!

Just wait as time goes on you will start to see a change in your real nail. If u leave them on too long water gets trapped underneath the nail and fungus starts to set in. I had to have a new set put on every time I had a fill-in. My nails are brittle and one of my nails was torn off half way down BC I couldn't get the tip off. I used to recommend SNS but not anymore!

I keep putting clear coats of polish on to seal it. still having trouble finding someone in Newcastle, NSW who actually does this nail system?

My salon recommends completely removing SNS and NOT filling every time. I have had SNS on now for 6 weeks (3 different applications) On my natural nail every time, and my nails have never been this long and healthy before. My cuticles look great and no more hang nails. I am curious now, after repeated use how my nails will become.

My removal time was also 10 minutes. Soak then rubbed off with cotton ball. Natural nails strong and healthy. Sounds like either someone applied wrong or was using imitation or cheap product.

Nails San Fransico in the Village. N May south of Hefner. Just got mine done today!!!!

Soak in acetone for about 10-15 mins then run with cotton ball. Repeat until off!! Simple.

Just curious? Do you still use SNS? If not come back. TONS of colors now.

I suggest you try again with some training. I LOVE SNS. It should be noted I'm a client not a tech.

And removal is much easier than gel or shellac. Less than 15 mins.

Hi Angela Dawn...I stopped using the SNS system. I am now doing the acrylic gel overlay and my nails are so much healthier. Have an awesome day!

Hi Angela Dawn...I stopped using the SNS system. I am now doing the acrylic gel overlay and my nails are so much healthier. Have an awesome day!

I just saw this reply, and I agree. I hardly soak off and or file off for full new sets. I only do that if the client has lifted a lot and glue everywhere. It happens sometimes when some of my clients try and stretch appointments to 6- 8 weeks. When the nail fill line gets too large and its in the middle of the nail bed, thats when you get popping up. If my customers come on a 3-4 week bases, I usually just fill and shorten. People dont realize, if you shorten nails often, you're filling out old acrylic or gel...and always getting fresh by the fill line..therefor NOT needing new sets. A nail tech, THAT says you need a new set often, is ripping the client off.

Wow. Do you know if your able to use regular nail polish? I was actually going to try it but after your review I'm not so sure. my nails are long I just want something like a barrier to keep them from breaking. I usually use the quick dip acrylic method or just the regular nail strengthener. but I am curious if you are able to use regular nail polish over the foundation. Thanks

Can did you use regular nail polish over the foundation like if you were going to use an acrylic overlay? thank you

Using SNS for probably 1.5 years with no problems. Switched from one color to another. The first time it lasted 5 weeks no chips at all. Better than the first color. The last two months, I'm starting to see the coating pop off. Today I just noted my pinky nail color pop off after one week. I didn't remember even doing something where I hit the nail or used chemicals. Any insight?

I started using SNS in January 2016 and will not go back to any other product. I do not use tips and with this product my nails have grown long and healthy even during the removal process. I only get my nails done once a month and have absolutely no complaints about the product or the salon that I have been going to for 4 years. Experience does make a difference in technician and like any aesthetic you have to be careful with who does your nails. The product is healthier than shellac or acrylic AND it does not require your nail to be etched for the powder to stick.

I would not recommend you to attempt to remove the color as this could weaken the SNS product so choose your color wisely. Regular polish will peel off eventually if you place on top of the SNS due to the shiny top coat color.

Can you paint over your SNS

It depends on the nail tech and how well there trained. When my nail salon first started using them I like it but I was having problems with them took them off. I tried gel but I type a lot and they chip.

Then I was using acrylic nails for a very long time off and on. Just recently I switch salons and decided to try sns again because I wanted to stop using the acrylics nails because i was noticing I was getting eczema and breaking out. I transition from acrylic to sns this summer I took the sns off my nails and my nails where strong, weren't as damage because I used the sns and then Started using gel/shellac. I love gel but they chip to quick for me or peel, and doesn't last as long for me.

I decided today to to back to using sns realizing they last a lot longer then gel I fine I end up saving more money doing the sns because I don't need fill as often, natural, no uv light, drys quick, makes my nails stronger and so many colors to pick. Really all depends on how experience the salon is and the nail tech.

Okay ladies! I am giving SNS(signature nail system) ago. It's been 3days and I like what I purchased. The nail technician dude used the drill to remove the gel polish which is going to leave my natural nail that much weaker under the SNS product. I'm very curious to see if 1. Will it be worse or better 2. If It's going to look better after healthy after the second application and 3. Will SNS prove to be the best above all the rest or the same as a HOT MESS!!!
Stay tune 💅🏿
T-Diva, Kennesaw Ga

can I use an sns base coat and normal nail polish colour?

I have been using SNS for about 2 months now. I get a fill every 3 weeks or so, on top of my natural nails. A friend recommended SNS when I admired her nails. With acrylic tips, my natural nail underneath would curl and look funky, but I wanted longer nails, so I decided to try it.
My tech told me that a new set should not be needed every time I go, and that techs who do this are ripping their customers off, since a new set is much more expensive. He uses the pale pink powder that resembles a natural nail when not polished. He was then using a gel polish over top. This last time, I used a regular polish since I wanted the freedom to change the color at home. Not sure how it will turn out, but we will see!
I truly believe having a nail tech who knows what he/she is doing makes the difference. I love my nails!

I have weak brittle nails and tried SNS. It was so nice to have "strong" nails and not working about them snapping everytime I touched something. Only issue is, as they grow out. The back of the product starts to pull up and get caught in my hair when I'm showering. I was also under the impression I needed a new set, so I soaked my nails to take them off. I can't get them off. One nail was loose and I tried to peel it of and it peeled deep into the top of my nail.

Do you soak in pure acetone or non-acetone?

If anyone knows of a knowledgable tech in Atlanta, let me know.

Can I apply regular nail polish onto my SNS nails?

After just over 2 years of having gel nails I have become allergic to them, developing a horrible, itchy rash around my cuticles. I am wondering if I get the SNS nails whether Im going to have the same allergic reaction. I hate to think what my nails will be like after having Gel on for so long.

Hi! Are you able to shape your nails with the SNS ON? TIA

Can you shape your nails at home whilst you have SNS on your nails?

I just had SNS nails done today after admiring a lady in my local Merle Norman Studio. I thought the process was very interesting and I like the finished look.....HOWEVER.....tonight my thumbs/nails are very sore. I have read many of these comments and I am now concerned about infection. I have not used Acrylics or Gel nails for years and have mostly done my own natural nails with an occasional manicure/pedicure. I have Crohn's Disease and take Humira injections, which lowers my immunity. I am now worried about this product on my nails. Am I being overly sensitive? If it really is "super glue" that cant be good, and I too don't like the idea of using the powder products after other customers. He only shaped the nails, did not cut cuticles or any other exposure, although he did file and use a drimmel (sp?) on the nail surface before applications. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who have may had a similar concern, because I'm considering having them removed soon. Thanks.

I once fell over and split the underside of my nose. How did the hospital fix it??? by using super glue. I asked if it was special glue and was told no it's normal super glue... Well if they can use it on my face which is very sensitive, then I guess putting it on my nails won't make any difference.

I am a licensed nail tech. We use the SNS system in our salon. There is NO need to file or drill the nail bed for application or removal!!! Do not allow the technician to do so as it's very damaging!! To remove the SNS place acetone on a piece of cotton apply to nail and wrap in foil. Usually only takes 10-15 minutes. You can not force it! The only time there is a drill used is for a fill in (there's no way around that), we recommend a new set instead to avoid it. However after we inform the client of the potential damage the choice is theirs. Please be selective when choosing a salon and technician! It's not the products fault for improper application or removal!!

I had SNS nails applied every three weeks on three occasions with absolutely no problems. However, the last time I had them replaced, within a few hours, I was sitting scratching my fingers and when I looked at them I found they were swollen and very red. I immediately took a strong antihistamine and have been doing so for the past four days. My fingers are painful, swollen, red with pins and needles and then one finger turned in to a blister and I have been draining the fluid for the past two days. They are still uncomfortable and swollen today but feel a little better after spending the weekend with my hands in bowls of cold water. Sadly I won't be able to use SNS nails again.

Been using sns for a year, and lobe them! I can polish over them if I like. The grow out is not the same as with acrylic. My salon doesn't use the machine except a light sanding around my cuticle. They hand sand lightly on my real nails, I ask them to very lightly as I'm trying to get my real nails stronger. My place is very reasonable.....35. Over your own nails, 40. Includes tips. Takes a little longer than acrylic, but well worth it. I've never had a problem calling sns for questions. There are not 4 bottles of glue, don't know where the person who wrote that post got that information. I highly recommend them!

Has anyone had any success using gel polishes over SNS. I have so many gel polishes that I have been experimenting with doing a natural set of SNS and finishing off with the clients colour choice in gel polish, this way when they come back for a refill I only need to remove colour, fill and reapply new colour, saving taking off all product. The only problem is the gel needs to be applied after step 3. If applied after step 4, the gel will not bond and totally lifts off in one piece. Has anyone else tried this successfully and if so what is your process. I have a lot of the SNS colours as well but sometimes the client wants one of the gel colours and I would still like to be able to use them.

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Hi, I just wondered if you had got a reply to your question as I am thinking the same thing. I have over 70 gel colours which I don't want to replace but keen to offer this new system underneath or as an alternative to acrylics. Keen to know the same as you before I invest!

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