Sensationnel HZ 7047

June 28, 2010

So, until I get my hair done again, I've resorted back to half wigs.  I wore them for years on end while growing my natural hair out from its relaxed state.  The one I'm wearing in this picture is Sensationnel Instant Weave HZ 7047 in 1B/27. The only thing I don't like about these wigs is that they run dark. If you're normally a 1B, I would suggest you purchase a #2.  The "27" looks more like a "30."

Normally I would braid the front of my hair or crimp it to help it blend better, but I didn't have time this morning.  The wigs have a comb in the front, one in the back, and adjustable straps to control the tightness.  If you're transitioning or want to give your hair a break, these are definitely good options to pursue.  There are also a ton of videos on YouTube about these wigs.

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